Des mots pour des maux? New sicknesses skills?

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Des mots pour des maux?

Parmi les choses extraordinaires qu’a permit la globalisation, est cette généralisation d’entretiens de performance, d’attributions de bonus à la même période de l’année pour tous.

C’est aussi durant cette période que les changements de postes, de fonctions, d’établissements vont bon train. Tout dépend de la satisfaction ou non de ce qui est (ou va) rentrer dans notre porte-monnaie. Parce que même si l’on a cette âme de philanthrope, il faut quand même payer factures et impôts.

Nous avons tous besoin de se sentir valorisé pour le travail que l’on fait. Nous n’avons peut-être pas les mêmes clés de succès, mais, oui, ça fait toujours du bien de savoir que notre travail est apprécié. Une (petite) tape sur l’épaule est bien plus facilement acceptée et bénéfique qu’une claque au visage.

Malheureusement, le sentiment général va vers une impersonnalisation de l’individu. Tout est fait pour une assimilation totale et exclusive, permettant la création de clones certifiés conformes à l’original. La question étant: quel original? Des open-spaces pour agglutiner ces moutons en décadence, des réunions d’équipes pour aligner les objectifs communs et être certains que ces moutons élevés à la sauce corporate les aient bien en tête.

D’où la naissance de ces nouveaux maux qui n’ont plus de mots pour les décrire. En tout cas, en français. On les emprunte. Et ça donne: burn out, bore out, brown out. A quand le suivant? … Tout ça à cause de ces bullshit jobs, qui finissent pour nous dégoûter de nous-mêmes.


English version

New sicknesses skills?

Amongst things that globalisation allows, is this generalisation of perfomance reviews, bonus allocations at the same time of the year … for the whole planet.

This is during this time that roles, jobs, company changes are dancing all over the place. Depending on the level of satisfaction, or not on the money that is coming in the wallet. Because truth to be said, even a philantropy needs to pay bills and taxes.

We all need to be and feel valued for the work that we are doing. We may not have the same drives to success, but, yes, a slap on the back, a smooth touch on the shoulders are way more accepted and beneficial than this slap in our face.

Unfortunately, the commun behaviour goes toward a depersonalisation of the individual. Everything is done in a way to have a complete and exclusive assimilation. Allowing that way the creation of perfect clones conform to the original. The question been: which original? Open spaces to agglutinate these decadent sheeps, team meetings to align common objectives, and make sure these same sheep raised to Corporate salsa have stuck them in their head.

Hence, the birth of these new sicknesses which borrowed words from different purposes, mixed: burn-out, bore-out, brown-out. What’s next? All these because of these bullshit jobs, which make us depising us a little more each day.

Is Gender Equality Really Exist?

And to which extend? How can we say that a country is safer for female population or not? What are the criteria? In the chart, I don’t see India. Does this support the analysis made?

I know … This post is a little different than the one I usually post, but I can’t be insentive to this topic.


Today, Nigel Farage said that Malmö in Sweden was the rape capital of Europe, accusing the large influx of refugees for causing an increasing in crime and violence. Donald Trump made a similar confused reference to Sweden in a rally recently. If you look at reported rapes, Sweden has indeed one of the highest rates […]

via Is Sweden really the rape capital of the world? — Alexandre Afonso



The Myth of Quality Time

clock-650753_960_720This is an old post from The NY Times. But I wanted to share it, as I know that family time is important. At least for me, and I’m sure we are quite a few feeling the same way.

Time spend with family are valued, and cannot be reglected. I have a lot of respect for those who untiredlessly are working to keep those precious bonds alive.

Events, circumstances can make our decisions and actions very difficult to take. But the rewards are precious.

Is it realistic to value these moments in our crazy lives? Do you have any other ideas than the ones that Frank Bruni shared?

Another BS job?

Well, I have started this job the other day. Interviews went all good. Contact with the HR was pleasant, we ended up talking more like friends than future co-workers. The manager was convincing enough to make me believe that the job was intellectually fulfilling and that, of course, I will have lots of fun.

Few weeks later, I already realised that we do not have the same conception of an intellectually fulfilling job, and my fun is drastically opposite than his fun. Here is the issue: How to make my point that I need something more … challenging? Not that there are a lot to do, I am not afraid of working hard. I just want to have the feeling that I am adding value to the job. But working long hours to do repetitive tasks, that do not require any thinking process, respecting these devilishly tight deadline, to not even have a slap in the back …. I’m not quite sure.

Will I ever be able to find this job, that allow me to have a lookalike satisfaction? Grr …

Why time management is ruining our lives

Why time management is ruining our lives

Did we create our own tomb?

We are striving for the best for ourselves, of course. A good job, a good life, well, a good work-life balance. We have optimised theories, technologies, to help on doing things quicker, better, that time is released for our family, friends, hobbies, interests …

Our parents were working hard, not always in the best conditions. I’m not sure we’ve improved more. It’s only different.

Quit Your Job And Live Abroad: 8 Places So Cheap You Might Not Need To Work

Quit Your Job And Live Abroad: 8 Places So Cheap You Might Not Need To Work

It’s easier said than done, but what is the most important?
Killing ourselves for a job/boss/ company that does not care about us individual? Or enjoying these precious moments that make us feel alive and valued?

How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization

How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization