So … There were that date … in the center of this big city … in a normal rush hour.

So happy to be pretty once more to overly shine!!! Here I go, light on feet and minds. Foul of hopes, plenty of motivation.

Time is on my side, let’s take a detour. Small. But wandering here and out before the T-Time ….

Oh! The tube is coming! Let’s … not take it. I didn’t know that people were willingly trained to physically mingle with strangers and practising French kisses with tube widows ….

This is when I realised I left this place for a veeeeerryyyyy loooonnng time. I don’t feel homesick though. Really not.

I want to go back to my country side.

PS: my date went well. I shined. A lot. 😁😁😁

Long time …

It’s been a long time now, that I haven’t written anything. I should make up for this.

Life is a strange thing. So easy to be carried on. But with so many trials, tricks, perks …

Work as a weekly activity is a “norm”, a norm that is becoming less and less easy to not comply with. A pain.

Anyway, we need it  – at least most of us – for our daily needs. Can’t escape.

Looking for a job has the same perks whichever country we found ourselves in:

  • CV updated
  • Interview
  • Interview feedback
  • Another interview 
  • Then rejection. When the recruiter dares to contact us.

Sometimes, the interview changes into a casting. Because, that’s true, we are movie stars. We shine in our most beautiful suit, with our whitest teeth and brightest smile. The hair do is top notch. Our social skills are flirting with stars. We’re so … worth it!!!!

And then, we’re rejected. Because the hairdo, the wrinkles, the too-much tan ….

But lose no hope, there is still something for us!!! In that corner not that bright, but not too dark either … Haha

Anyway, keep on reading. Updates on MyBS&Co will come soon.

Thanks for being there. 😉

Les plateformes crĂ©ent des emplois
 non-salariĂ©s pour mieux « libĂ©rer » le travail

Face au changement constant du marchĂ© du travail et de l’incertitude sur la pĂ©rennitĂ© de l’emploi, les esprits font preuves d’ingĂ©niositĂ© dans le systĂšme D. L’idĂ©e est d’ĂȘtre actif, de combler, dans un premier les besoins primaires (manger, payer ses factures). Et plus, si affinitĂ©.

Il est absolument clair que les mentalitĂ©s et habitudes doivent ĂȘtre modifiĂ©es.
Croyez-vous que cet article pointe dans la bonne direction?


Les plateformes crĂ©ent des emplois … non-salariĂ©s pour mieux “libĂ©rer” le travail


The good thing with weekends is that we can forget about all stress accumulated during the week, all worries about our job performance, about these unhealthy relationshisp that we may have with bosses, workmates, customers, and … and …

Bref, enjoy the weekend! Haha.

Be a little like Sia in Cheap Thrills: “Come on, come on, turn the radio on, It’s Friday night and it won’t be long, gotta do my hair, put my make up, it’s Friday night and it won’t be long till I hit the dance floor, hit the dance floor.”Well, you see what I mean.

So I went last night with my besty in a CafĂ©, where I (re)discover the taste of tiramisu. A delight for the taste. Yummy! 😀

What am I up to for tonight? Will I “paint my nails, put my high heels on, it’s Saturday and it won’t be long till I hit the dancefloor, hit the dancefloor”?

And because I want to keep having this funky mood I’m in … Sia – Cheap Thrills (Audio) – ft Nicky Jam

Enjoy your weekend 😉


Why do we work so hard?

We probably have a work that excite our intellect, our creativity instinct or simply leave us content. Maybe happy, for some. We also spent all our time at and for work.  Why do we work so hard?

Stop Spending So Much Time In Your Head

Stop Spending So Much Time In Your Head

That is my thing, right?
And also my friends’. What about my neighbours? Probably not. Or may be, yes.
They just don’t voice it. Is that yours?

Flexibility … even at work?

An employee satisfied is an employee that brings a lot to the company, contribute to the improvement, advancement in objective, profitability and so and so.

An happy employee brings happiness in the workplace. Make it a place where we feel comfortable, inspired. And so, and so.

Companies do their most to attract talents, people that don’t necessarily have the talent that companies are looking for, but have talents. Amongs these perks, work and time flexibility.

I’m the first to ask what type of flexibility a company offers, either time or workplace. Let’s face it, we still need bills to be paid, but we appreciate enjoy our personal life. With the use of technology, something can be done for that.

But … Everyone likes flex time but we punish women who use it