So … There were that date … in the center of this big city … in a normal rush hour.

So happy to be pretty once more to overly shine!!! Here I go, light on feet and minds. Foul of hopes, plenty of motivation.

Time is on my side, let’s take a detour. Small. But wandering here and out before the T-Time ….

Oh! The tube is coming! Let’s … not take it. I didn’t know that people were willingly trained to physically mingle with strangers and practising French kisses with tube widows ….

This is when I realised I left this place for a veeeeerryyyyy loooonnng time. I don’t feel homesick though. Really not.

I want to go back to my country side.

PS: my date went well. I shined. A lot. 😁😁😁

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