Long time …

It’s been a long time now, that I haven’t written anything. I should make up for this.

Life is a strange thing. So easy to be carried on. But with so many trials, tricks, perks …

Work as a weekly activity is a “norm”, a norm that is becoming less and less easy to not comply with. A pain.

Anyway, we need it  – at least most of us – for our daily needs. Can’t escape.

Looking for a job has the same perks whichever country we found ourselves in:

  • CV updated
  • Interview
  • Interview feedback
  • Another interview 
  • Then rejection. When the recruiter dares to contact us.

Sometimes, the interview changes into a casting. Because, that’s true, we are movie stars. We shine in our most beautiful suit, with our whitest teeth and brightest smile. The hair do is top notch. Our social skills are flirting with stars. We’re so … worth it!!!!

And then, we’re rejected. Because the hairdo, the wrinkles, the too-much tan ….

But lose no hope, there is still something for us!!! In that corner not that bright, but not too dark either … Haha

Anyway, keep on reading. Updates on MyBS&Co will come soon.

Thanks for being there. 😉

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