Another BS job?

Well, I have started this job the other day. Interviews went all good. Contact with the HR was pleasant, we ended up talking more like friends than future co-workers. The manager was convincing enough to make me believe that the job was intellectually fulfilling and that, of course, I will have lots of fun.

Few weeks later, I already realised that we do not have the same conception of an intellectually fulfilling job, and my fun is drastically opposite than his fun. Here is the issue: How to make my point that I need something more … challenging? Not that there are a lot to do, I am not afraid of working hard. I just want to have the feeling that I am adding value to the job. But working long hours to do repetitive tasks, that do not require any thinking process, respecting these devilishly tight deadline, to not even have a slap in the back …. I’m not quite sure.

Will I ever be able to find this job, that allow me to have a lookalike satisfaction? Grr …

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